Mount Vernon Mills Recognized For Pollution Prevention

Mount Vernon Mills, Trion, Ga., was recently accepted as a second-year Model level company in
Pollution Prevention Partners (P3), the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Pollution
Prevention Assistance Divisions (P2AD) three-level certification program that honors Georgia
manufacturing, service, governmental and agricultural facilities for continuous pollution
prevention performance and environmental improvement.By reaching the Model level in the P3 program,
Mount Vernon has demonstrated that they are an industry leader in preventing pollution at the
source, said G. Robert Kerr, director, P2AD. Model level P3 facilities such as Mount Vernon have
incorporated pollution prevention into daily business activities, and have promoted pollution
prevention within the industry, with vendors and customers, and within the community.Mount Vernon
Mills has consistently striven to exceed minimum compliance levels in pollution prevention. The
companys efforts include finding environmentally friendly alternatives to hazardous chemicals and
reducing fresh water usage and wastewater discharge by water recycling and reuse. The facilitys
water conservation efforts have reduced its wastewater treatment and fresh-water costs by over
$250,000 a year.

September 2000