Keith M. Hull has been promoted to the newly created position of corporate vice president and
president, marketing and sales, for Avondale Mills Inc., Graniteville, S.C. He previously served as
president, apparel fabrics, and was responsible for sales and marketing of all apparel fabrics,
including denim, utilitywear, sportswear and Woodhead Specialty Products.In his new position, Hull
will continue to have responsibilities in these areas, along with the added functions of sales and
marketing for Avondale Yarns.John Hudson Jr. has been promoted to president, apparel fabrics
marketing. He will oversee all marketing responsibilities for utilitywear, sportswear, denim,
fashion fabrics and international. He previously served as executive vice president, Avondale
Denim.Louis M. Pedraza recently was promoted to vice president, Avondale Denim. He will be
responsible for all marketing and merchandising aspects of Avondale Denim products. He most
recently served as vice president, operation, planning and control department.Robert G. Nelson has
been promoted to the newly created position of vice president, apparel fabrics logistics and
planning. He will be responsible for overseeing the business planning, scheduling and customer
service functions for denim and piece-dyed fabrics. He most recently served as vice president,
Avondale Yarns.Gerold A. Linzbach, a member of the Aventis Merger Project team and the designated
head of human resources and communications for Aventis Pharma, has been appointed executive vice
president, Celanese Chemicals and Acetate, and president of the acetate products division. He
succeeds Jim Simmons, who has announced his retirement.Linzbach joined Hoechst in 1990 in the
corporate planning department. In 1999, he was appointed to the Aventis Project Team.Heather A.
Watson has been named national sales manager for Bill Burns, New York, a business unit of Kellwoods
Robert Scott/David Brooks division.

October 1999