DuPont Adds The Lycra Shop To Its Website Services

DuPont, Wilmington Del., extended its Lycra® fiber business to the internet recently with the
unveiling of The Lycra Shop at This $30-million global investment is a unique
on-line partnership showcasing apparel from a variety of brands and retail outlets with only one
common element they all contain Lycra.As a new section of, The Lycra Shop was
developed to showcase the appeal of the elastine fiber to all types of attire in consumers favorite
brands. The company also hopes to influence designers, retail chains and clothing manufacturers by
driving attention, and ultimately sales, of clothing made with Lycra.The Lycra Shop is the first
on-line site to place a variety of apparel brands and retailers side by side. Visitors can window
shop through The Lycra Shops mall-like setting for apparel containing Lycra from designer lines
such as Chaiken and Capone; bridge lines like Liz Claiborne; casual wear from Lands End and Lee;
activewear brands such as Nike, Champion and Adidas; and intimate apparel from Calvin Klein and
Maidenform.The increased use of Lycra in apparel ranging from ready-to-wear to footwear is a
testament to the demand for clothes that combine comfort and style, said Sheryl Parente, global
knowledge strategy manager for DuPont Lycra.Our research shows that consumers find garments with
Lycra more desirable than without, and when choosing their wardrobes, they prefer a Lycra blend
more than any other fabric. The Lycra Shop is a fast, easy way for consumers of all ages, genders,
shapes and sizes to find the enhanced comfort, fit and freedom of movement that Lycra brings to

September 1999