Cone Mills Announces Alliance With Deborah-Starlite

Cone Mills Corp., Greensboro, N.C., recently announced an agreement to manufacture full package
apparel with Maquilas Y Confecciones Deborah/Starlite, Puebla, Mexico.According to the terms of the
agreement, Cone will provide fabrics and marketing services. Deborah/Starlite will provide apparel
manufacturing, wet processing and distribution. The focus will be on piece-dyed products including
casual pants, shorts, skirts and other sportswear items.Many of our customers have been asking Cone
to offer garment packages, said Watts Carr, president of the Cone Textile Group. This alliance is a
great way to go about doing that. By working closely with Deborah/Starlite in Mexico, we will be
able to offer our customers in this hemisphere efficient service and speed-to-market with a variety
of fabrics and products.Cones strategy going forward is to make alliances that provide apparel
manufacturing services for our customers in different manufacturing platforms throughout the world.

August 1999