Quantum Materials Set To Unveil The Latest Innovations Of Innegra™ High-Performance Yarns At JEC World

GREENSBORO, N.C.  — February 20, 2024 — Quantum Materials LLC is set to unveil the latest innovations of Innegra™ at JEC World, the largest composite trade show globally. Quantum, a fully vertical manufacturer of multifilament and monofilament yarns and woven textiles, acquired the Innegra brand of fibers in 2023. The company is leveraging its extrusion and weaving capabilities to expedite new Innegra product developments engineered for the composite and textile industries.

“Traditionally, Innegra has been offered in black and natural yarns with a range from 625 to 2800 deniers. However, Innegra is now offered in an expanded denier range from 430 to 3800, opening up several new markets,” said Jen Hanna, director of Innegra Sales for Quantum. “We have always recognized the untapped potential of Innegra and with Quantum’s extensive R&D expertise and unique vertical manufacturing assets, we are able to quickly respond to industry needs for Innegra yarns and woven fabrics.”

In addition to the expanded yarn size range, Innegra is now available in new custom solution-dyed colors, coated yarns and fabrics, and woven fabrics with various performance and design features, all with flexible manufacturing minimums. Additionally, the company is developing products designed for the thermoplastic application of Innegra into composite structures with commercialization expected later in the year.

“Since acquiring the Innegra brand, our goal has been to expedite the development and commercialization of new product options while upholding the brand’s performance standards,” said Trey Bruffey, director of Extrusion at Quantum. “The introduction of five new Innegra-based products within a six-month period reinforces our commitment to support the needs of the composite and textile industries. We are excited to be a part of JEC and showcase Innegra to the global composite industry.”

Innegra, the lightest synthetic fiber commercially available, is chemically resistant, hydrophobic and tough. It has excellent impact resistance properties while also being flexible, ductile, and fusible. Known as “the social fiber” because it works so well with other fibers, Innegra amplifies the performance of materials when combined in composite applications. It also provides exceptional performance when used as a stand-alone fiber in textile products.

Today, Innegra can be found in a wide range of products, including military and ballistic applications, puncture resistant boot insoles, radomes and satellites used to improve signal transmission, bicycle parts, ropes and netting. Innegra is also used in sporting good products, such as helmets, lacrosse nets and sticks, tennis racquets, canoes and more.

Quantum will be exhibiting in The America’s Pavilion at JEC World, Booth #6P42A in Paris, March 5-7, 2024.

Posted: February 20, 2024

Source: Quantum Materials, LLC