P84® HT Polyimide Fiber Certified According To OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 For Skin Contact Applications 

Evonik P84® HT fibers and yarn

SCHÖRFLING, Austria — September 1, 2021 — OEKO-TEX® has certified Evonik’s P84® HT fiber according to Standard 100 for skin contact applications. The community of currently 18 neutral testing and research institutes from Europe and Japan classified the high-temperature fiber as harmless to health. By obtaining this globally recognized label, Evonik aims to establish P84 HT as a new quality standard in the textile industry for protective clothing.

High-tech fiber for highly technical textile applications

P84 HT stands for a high-tech fiber with improved textile properties at high temperatures. Compared to other materials, Evonik’s polyimide fiber retains its flexibility even at 280°C. As a result, it remains more durable in applications with higher average temperatures and frequent temperature peaks. A standardized bending test certifies that the new P84 HT fiber has almost twice the flexibility of standard materials.

In addition, P84 HT features outstanding insulation properties, breathability and a pleasant feel against the skin. With up to 30 percent less weight than aramid fibers, Evonik’s high-performance fiber is the new material of choice for protective clothing such as hoods and gloves or as a material component in highly technical textiles for personal protective equipment (PPE).

P84® HT successfully tested for 100 pollutants

The Standard 100 label from OEKO-TEX® confirms that all components of the respective product have been tested for a total of 100 harmful substances and classified as harmless to health. The list of criteria includes carcinogenic and allergenic dyes, formaldehyde or DMF, and numerous regulated and non-regulated substances that could harm human health.

Evonik is the world’s leading manufacturer of chemically resistant, thermostable and non-flammable polyimide fibers. P84 HT belongs to a new generation of products developed to meet the industry’s increasing demands for mechanical stability and flexibility at continuous operating temperatures. The specialty chemicals company is thus continuing its three-decade tradition at the Lenzing and Schörfling (Austria) sites in the development and production of plastic-based high-performance fibers.

Posted September 1, 2021

Source: Evonik Industries AG