Südwolle Group: Biella Yarn Autumn/Winter 2022-23 Collection

NUREMBERG, Germany — July 1, 2021— To dance, to dine. To feel the air and the rain. To share a smile and a kiss. These are the values that inspired the Biella Yarn Autumn/Winter 2022-23 collection: to stop for a second, to pick a thought and make our day better.

At this important time when we are all directed towards a return back to normality and our lives will be again driven by speed, efficiency and goals, we would like to inspire consumers to take a moment for themselves, stop, and focus on what might improve their lives. Some people will rediscover the pleasure of meeting friends, experiencing a feeling of enthusiasm, others will share new experiences and adventures. In all the situations it is important to choose the appropriate clothing not only during the movement but also for moments of quiet and relaxation in contact with nature and with ourselves.

Our Autumn/Winter 2022-23 flat knitting yarns collection supports the desire to return to an active life, to regain the pleasure of sharing with empathy and to be part of an essential individual and collective dimension.

Our best-selling yarns like Victoria Nm 2/30 & Nm 2/48 (100% Merino wool Extrafine, 19.5 mic, anti-shrinkage) and Brisbane Nm 2/60 (100-percent merino wool Superfine, 17.5 mic, anti-shrinkage) expand their stock service range.
Blends with GRS-certified recycled polyester such as Baltoro Nm 2/30 (Nm 2/30, 50% Merino wool Extrafine, 19.5 mic, anti-shrinkage, 50% GRS High Bulk Polyester) give the fabrics a voluminous and soft effect.

Sustainability and traceability of yarns play a fundamental role in our collections and reflect the sensitivity and values that drive people’s daily lives. Among our winter proposals, for example, there is a growing presence of RWS certified wool yarns with stock service for selected colors (Victoria RWS Nm 2/30, 100-percent merino wool Extrafine, 19.5 mic, anti-shrinkage).

The collection includes a selection of yarns made with the new OTW® technology patented by Südwolle Group, which allows to create durable garments with a clean and smooth surface, which retain for a long time the soft and natural hand of merino wool.

The wide choice of colors reinforces the feeling of the collection: the bright colors that recall the garden where friends meet, the delicate and pastel tones that can be admired at dawn and the warm brown tones of an exotic journey among aromas and flavors in a spice market.

Posted July 1, 2021

Source: Südwolle Group