Preclinical Study Data Indicates That Celliant May Reduce Inflammation

LOS ANGELES — May 18, 2021 — Celliant®, infrared responsive technology from materials science trailblazer Hologenix®, has completed its 8th peer-reviewed published study.  Already clinically shown to increase tissue oxygen levels in the body for stronger performance, faster recovery, better sleep and to help with pain reduction, Celliant is shown in this study to moderate autoimmune and inflammatory response in rats with collagen type II-induced arthritis. Collagen type II-induced arthritis is the most common model for studying rheumatoid arthritis, the chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease.

According to the study, “Although further translational studies are warranted, the findings support the use of infrared-emitting bed linen, bandages or garments as adjuvant non-pharmacological treatments for rheumatoid arthritis patients, and possibly for those suffering from other inflammatory antibody-mediated autoimmune diseases.”

Published online in Scientific Reports under on February 3, 2021, the study was conducted at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. Principal investigators included Jasmina Djuretić, Mirjana Dimitrijević, Marija Stojanović, Jelena Kotur Stevuljević, Michael R Hamblin, Ana Micov, Radica Stepanović-Petrović and Gordana Leposavić.  It was funded by the Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia with support from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.  Investigator Michael R. Hamblin, who serves on the Hologenix Science Advisory Board and is a world-renowned expert on infrared and light therapy, was supported by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants.  Hologenix supplied the Celliant fibers.

The study began when 20 rats were immunized with type II collagen to induce arthritis in the animals. The rats were divided into two groups, one with bedding of Celliant fibers, which are produced with thermo-reactive minerals. The ceramic particles absorb body heat and re-emit the energy back to the body as infrared radiation, which is non-invasive and painless. The second group was housed in cages with standard wood shaving bedding.  From there, two sets of experiments were performed to evaluate autoimmune and inflammatory responses.

For the rats with the Celliant bedding, the symptoms of collagen type II-induced arthritis were postponed and the disease was milder in these infrared-exposed rats as opposed to the non-exposed. Objective biochemical measurements of cytokines, which are secreted by the immune system, and autoimmunity showed improvement as well.

“Science has shown that infrared increases blood flow, improves muscle recovery and can reduce pain,” said Dr. Hamblin. “This study is significant in that it shows that infrared and Celliant, in particular, can potentially reduce inflammation and mitigate autoimmune responses in a model of rheumatoid arthritis, which affects about 1.3 million Americans.”

“We believe that Celliant is a truly disruptive infrared technology that is revolutionizing the textile industry and that it is ripe for applications in the healthcare arena,” said Seth Casden, Hologenix Co-Founder and CEO.

Posted May 18, 2021

Source: Hologenix