Technology That Neutralizes Coronavirus By 97.48 Percent: Aksa Akrilik‘s Everfresh

YALOVA, Turkey — April 28, 2021 — The Everfresh technology developed by acrylic fiber producer Aksa Akrilik demonstrated its impact on the Covid-19. As a result of the tests conducted, it was observed that the coronavirus had become ineffective at 97.48 percent in 30 minutes in the textile products with Everfresh.

Introduced to the market in 2020 after four years of work at Aksa Akrilik R&D Center, the antimicrobial fiber product Everfresh successfully passed the Covid-19 test. With a lasting antimicrobial effect, Everfresh offers a wide range of products, ranging from masks to home textiles, which greatly neutralizes coronavirus in many products such as denim, active clothing, smoking, socks, carpet and bedding. According to the tests, coronavirus loses its effect by 97.48 percent within 30 minutes in the products applied with Everfresh.

Everfresh assurance in crowded locations

Unlike spray products or other products produced with similar methods, Everfresh has antimicrobial effects thanks to the zinc compound in the fiber. The product does not harm human health and skin as it is not a finishing, and can be used for products such as carpets, blankets, quilts, beddings, towels and pillows. The coronavirus effect is greatly reduced by the use of Everfresh products in crowded areas such as hotels, mosques and dormitories, where the need for social hygiene is felt at the highest level. Everfresh, which is expected to stand out especially in the use of carpets in public spaces, is ideal because it prevents the formation of bacteria, fungi and mold. The product stands out with its superior qualities and offers an advantageous price. Even if washed repeatedly, Everfresh maintains its strong microbial activity and its impact against coronavirus as it has on the first day, and meets the hygiene needs better than ever.

Developed to meet social expectations

Aksa Akrilik Board Member and General Manager Cengiz Taş stated that Everfresh technology is an important R&D product that has been introduced to the textile industry, and underlined that the product does not provide a protection against coronavirus, but inactivates the virus by 97.48 percent within a certain period of time.

Taş stated that the demand for antibacterial products increased after the pandemic and said, “With our new product Everfresh, we are delighted to respond to the health-sensitive needs of our society. Everfresh once again made a difference in textile products by eliminating coronavirus by 97.48 percent in half an hour. Thanks to its zinc compound, Everfresh provides antimicrobial properties to the products and reduces the need to wash the product by preventing bad odors. I can tell that it meets all expectations with its fast drying, water vapor permeability, air permeability, thermal insulation, soft, light and comfortable structure. Our product has been on the market since last year and is currently attracting a lot of attention. In addition to this, we anticipate that in the coming period we will meet the increasing needs especially for carpets with Everfresh technology in the market.”

Posted April 28, 2021

Source: Aksa Akrilik