ABMT Introduces New In-Stock Program, With Certified Organic Cotton Proudly In The Mix

MELBOURNE, Australia — October 30, 2020 — ABMT has launched an in-stock program featuring its well known wool-based products as well as its certified organic cotton-based textiles.

Revered for its ethical, traceable Merino innovations, ABMT is a vertically integrated manufacturer best known for its wool-based fabrics. From research to testing to production to distribution, ABMT implements sustainable and responsible practices at all levels of its operations. It also brings an equally high level of ecological care with regard to its certified organic cotton products.

“We’re clearly known for creating unrivaled wool and wool blends,” said Julian Collins, sales manager at ABMT. “But we’ve also spent years applying our profound understanding of organic materials to generate some of the world’s finest cotton, and we’re proud to say we’ve been doing it all right here in Melbourne. At the end of the day, we want our new and existing customers to feel something they’ve never felt when it comes to this staple fiber.”

To give global customers access to the in-stock program, ABMT is working through its trusted partner Concept III, a textile sourcing firm renowned for its high standards in evaluating mills and manufacturers.

“ABMT is a worldwide leader in natural fibers, so it’s no surprise their ceritified organic cotton products are just as remarkable as their wools,” said Chris Parkes, president of Concept III. “Having all these organic cotton innovations on hand and in stock is a game changer. I think apparel brands are really going to be blown away by the impressive array of textures and features found in ABMT’s cotton-based products.”

Posted October 30, 2020

Source: ABMT