Toray Introduces Ecodear – An Environmentally Friendly, High Value-Added Nylon

TOKYO — September 2, 2020 — Toray Industries Inc. has developed a new, more sustainable nylon that represents a major step forward in the company’s Sustainability Vision and makes it possible to create bio-based versions of proven Toray technologies like Entrant® and Dermizax®.

  • Ecodear Nylon is 60-percent bio-based, developed with sebacic acid generated from Castor beans. The resulting fiber, initially available in 10, 20 and 50 denier versions, can be spun in the same process as conventional nylon.
  • Ecodear Nylon demonstrates the value of Toray’s vertically integrated structure. Because Toray is a chemical manufacturer in addition to a textile company, they can consistently control product quality from the creation of polymers to the production of finished yarns.
  • Ecodear Nylon is not just environmentally friendly, it also has the durability and soft hand that customers expect from Toray nylon products.
  • Ecodear Nylon can be used to make bio-based versions of proven Toray brand technologies like Dermizax and Entrant.

Toray’s development and launch of new bio-based textile technologies like Ecodear Nylon, in addition to continued progress with recycled materials reduces the amount of petroleum used in the fabric production supply chain, as well as carbon dioxide emissions – both vital goals detailed in the company’s Sustainability Vision.

Toray plans to market the textile in fall 2020, targeting the active outdoor sports and skiing markets, as well as athleisure.

In North America, Toray International America Inc. will provide the new textile.

Posted September 2, 2020

Source: Toray Industries Inc.