Seevix Developing Anti-COVID-19 Products

Jerusalem-based Seevix Material Sciences Ltd. — the developer of patented, man-made SVX™ spidersilk — announced it is using the spidersilk technology to produce disposable filters that can neutralize coronaviruses including SARS-CoV-2. Incorporating a specific peptide sequence that binds with coronaviruses into the SVX fiber, results in virus-binding sites that can entrap and inactivate the viruses and thus prevent their spread. “SVX fibers with the specific peptide sequence can be incorporated in textiles used in filters, be used to coat the external surface of textiles, or form part of a protective insert to entrap and neutralize viruses and microbes,” according to the company.

“SVX can be woven into a protective physical filter that neutralizes coronaviruses,” said Dr. Shlomzion Shen, CEO, Seevix. “Seevix is currently developing several market-ready anti-COVID-19 applications and will soon be entering into discussions with potential strategic partners.”

In other company news, ASICS Ventures Corp. has invested in Seevix. Together, Seevix and the ASICS Institute of Sport Science will work to develop sporting goods featuring SVX spidersilk.

May/June 2020