Panda Biotech Donating Hemp Fiber Seeds In Texas

Panda Biotech, Dallas, reports it will donate more than 60 tons of approved hemp fiber seeds to Texas agricultural producers as part of an educational endeavor designed to jump-start the state’s industrial hemp industry. Farmers accepting the seed will be asked to provide data on their crops, and in return, will receive a free copy of a report based on research conducted using the feedback to be published by Texas A&M AgriLife. The program hopes to ensure the 2021 Texas industrial hemp harvest reaches its full potential. The promotion was coordinated with the Texas Industrial Hemp Council, a group formed by Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller.

“Under Commissioner Miller’s leadership, we expect to be the nation’s leader in hemp production, but as a brand-new crop, there is much yet to learn about how hemp will respond to Texas soil,” said Eloise Frischkorn, chairperson of the Texas Industrial Hemp Council.

May/June 2020