Hemp Fiber Processing Is No Longer Just An Idea — It Is Here

HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. — April 21, 2020 — Global Hemp Solutions is a veteran owned company that is known for its variety of specialized hemp processing equipment and continued service we provide to the industry. GHS has been and will remain a strong advocate for farmers, processors, and retailers in this industry. Many are seeing a standstill in the current market and there are reasons for this: a lack of processing infrastructure. We have the solution!

GHS has substantial manufacturing capabilities, amazing equipment designs, and many partnerships formed in order to provide the industry with the best possible equipment, genetics, and services. Our team of executives and engineers spent years researching equipment and ensuring we could find the right match with a manufacturer. After many discussions and meetings, GHS has solidified this amazing relationship with a company that has the same morals and ethics as well as an evident desire to help farmers and create a sustainable environment to pass on to generations.

Global Hemp Solutions is the United States distributor of the largest and most sophisticated hemp fiber processing and decortication system in the world. This system is capable of upwards of 10 tons per hour input processing! Now imagine this system that is nearly 100-percent automated!

We have formed an amazing relationship with our team of manufacturers in Europe. This is not even the best part! As you know, GHS loves transparency! We believe that full transparency is what will help this industry grow. GHS currently manufactures a majority of our equipment in Kentucky with a manufacturing team of over 750 employees and we are excited to bring the European technology here to increase production for the US hemp industry!

Please note: We need multiple facilities throughout the country. This is NOT a “one person runs it all” scenario. Having these facilities strategically placed throughout the country will allow farmers to shift from struggling with raising hemp for oil production and focus on a row crop scenario with harvesting equipment that already exists. Shifting our focus to hemp fiber production/processing is what will save the farmers in the long run. Global Hemp Solutions needs companies that have a true desire to build infrastructure that will help this industry grow. We work hand in hand with the manufacturer. You will also deal directly with the manufacturer.

If you are interested in the equipment, contact us. We will bring you directly to our manufacturer to discuss your layout. We are currently working with a few select clients on their designs and are in a position to take on many more. We have a dedicated team standing by to help with this endeavor. GHS has every cost computed and every detail outlined to help get you operational. No smoke and mirrors here. Global Hemp Solutions is paving the way for Hemp! Investors are welcome to contact us directly. Some of our clients are seeking investments.

Posted April 21, 2020

Source: Global Hemp Solutions