DuPont™ Sorona® Faux Fur Wins ISPO Textrend “Best Product” in Accelerated Eco Category 

The award winning Sorona® faux fur is a key element in the recyclable spandex free stretch jacket being displayed at Outdoor Retailer and ISPO Munich 2020.

WILMINGTON, Del.— January 27, 2020 — DuPont™ Sorona® faux fur was awarded the ISPO Textrend “Best Product” in the Accelerated Eco category for the Fall/Winter 2021-22 season. As the apparel industry is increasingly pivoting away from the use of animal fur, this innovative product provides a thoughtful solution to fur with a luxurious, premium look and feel that designers can incorporate into their garments. Renee Henze, DuPont Biomaterials Global marketing director, and Hao Ding, DuPont Sorona Brand Channel manager for EMEA, were on-site at ISPO Munich to accept the award on January 26, 2020.

Sorona faux fur is made with 70 to 100 percent bio-based Sorona polymer fibers, creating one of the first commercially available faux furs using plant-based ingredients. Current styles vary from classic mink to plush teddy-style fur, providing limitless solutions for fashion apparel — such as the inside lining of a jacket, or the trim on a collar — as well as footwear and accessories — including fur-lined shoes, earmuffs and more. The faux fur pushes the boundaries of sustainability in fashion, while providing consumers with an ethical option that is also better for the planet.

“Customers don’t have to sacrifice form for function with Sorona faux fur,” Henze said. “Within the fashion industry, brands and several high-end designers are making commitments to abstain from the use of animal fur in their collections. Research indicates that the faux fur market is expected to grow 19 percent worldwide by 2023. We’re proud to accept this award recognizing the quality and versatility of a faux fur made with renewable plant-based ingredients.”

New Sorona faux fur is a long-lasting and luxurious fur alternative with an array of performance attributes including warmth, design flexibility and dyeability.

With exceptional softness and uncompromising durability, this natural feeling alternative to fur will not break down over time due to heat or UV rays. This can lengthen the life of the garment for multiple uses and when it is finally time to retire the garment, it can be mechanically recycled rather than being directed to the landfill like spandex.

The DuPont™ Sorona® brand team highlighting recyclable and luxuriously soft, award winning Sorona® faux fur at ISPO Munich 2020 (left to right): Ranjan Samant, Akshay Kumar, Hao Ding, Renee Henze and Albert Tam.

Posted January 28, 2020

Source: DuPont