ROICA™: The Smart-Stretch Secret Ingredient In C&A’s Cradle-To-Cradle Certified™ Jeans

JAPAN — September 14, 2018 — C&A has launched the world’s most sustainably made Cradle-to-Cradle Certified jeans now using ROICA™ V550, part of the ROICA Eco-Smart™ family of premium stretch yarns dedicated to sustainable stretch end-uses.

This unique Roica V550 stretch holds Cradle-to-Cradle Certification since 2016 and was therefore the perfect match for C&A’s C2C certified jeans program.

Asahi Kasei is proud to be a partner of C&A in the launch of this world-first project for responsible denim. The project’s strategy perfectly echoes and matches the Asahi Kasei mission to create products that deliver better value with values.

It demonstrates an effective synergy where Roica again proves its commitment to contemporary consumer’s needs through smart solutions for everyday living

Roica Eco-Smart Family is one of the most active and successful of the Asahi Kasei families of premium, advanced fit yarns where key brand adoptions to date include Wolford (Roica V550), Safetti (fabric innovations from PENN Textile Solutions with Roica V550), DAQUÏNI (Sofileta fabrics with Roica V550), Maloja (fabrics from M.I.T.I. with Roica EF), Marie Jo (lace designs from Tessitura Colombo with Roica EF), TRIUMPH LINGERIE & Hanro (the new stretch lace from ILUNA Group with Roica EF )

In 2016 the deep research that produced the Roica families was launched, and innovative smart functionality became the defining point of competitive difference, the Roica Eco-Smart™ Family was the platform for two special yarns that each delivered an eco-responsible stretch solution in different ways.

  • The first yarn, Roica V550, used in this C&A project, has the C2C (Cradle-to-Cradle) Gold Level material health certificate, and is also a Hohenstein Environment Certificated yarn, where at its end- of-life, it smartly breaks down without releasing any harmful materials.
  • The second yarn style is Roica EF, which is GRS certified, made through the recycled technology using more than 50 percent pre-consumer waste in manufacture. GRS, (Global Recycled Standard), is the accepted Textile Exchange certification and is a good fit for contemporary denim products wanting to develop a new angle on sustainable futures

Both yarns play their special ingredient roles in products that are part of Circular Economy product development, helping to create modern wardrobe solutions that are smart, responsibly made and designed affordably for everyday life.

Other families of Roica smart stretch include:

  • Roica Contour, a family of precision, high performance yarns for dynamic power shaping or calibrated control, specific to application needs in shapewear and lingerie.
  • Roica Colour Perfect delivers a choice of unique, dyeable stretch. It sets a new standard in colour technology with the potential to deliver a flawless, colour match-dyed finish, and an undetectable finish for all stretch fabrics.
  • Roica Feel Good promises a new level of performance, with ‘feel-good comfort’ and freshness such as the Roica CF yarn with an odor-neutralizing function that does not wash or wear out. Its active ingredient is locked in and only needs a modest percent to work in any fabric matrix.

These Roica premium stretch families of yarns are market leaders with unique smart stretch functions for colour, shaping, eco-sustainability, and wellbeing. Asahi Kasei works with a roster of leading global brands in lingerie, hosiery, active sportswear, athleisure and contemporary fashion

Roica partners including Roica in their premium collections:

  •  Dresdner Spitzen (DE);
  •  Eusebio (IT);
  •  Fukui Warp Knitting Co. Ltd. (JP);
  •  Giemme (IT);
  •  Iluna Group S.p.A. (IT);
  •  Indesmalla (ES);
  •  Inplet Pletiva (SLO);
  •  Jackytex (IT);
  •  Kurabo Industries Ltd. (JP);
  •  Lanificio Europa (IT);
  •  Lauma Fabrics/LE Textile (DE);
  •  Maglificio Ripa S.p.A. (IT);
  • M.I.T.I. S.p.A. (IT);
  • Penn Textile Solutions/Penn Italia (DE/IT);
  • Piave Maitex (IT);
  • Sitip (IT);
  • Sofileta (FR);
  • Sportswear Argentona (ES);
  • Taubert Textil (DE);
  • Tessitura Colombo Antonio srl (IT);
  • TINTEX Textiles (PT);
  • TVB (DE);
  • V&A Japan Corp. (JP); and
  • Vilartex (PT).

Stay tuned for news of more smart, advanced fit innovations with Roica in the seasons ahead

Posted September 14, 2018

Source: ROICA™