Kelheim Fibres With A New Viscose Fiber For Disinfectant Wipes And A Range Of Specialty Fibers At ANEX

KELHEIM, Germany — April 19, 2018 — At this year’s ANEX Kelheim Fibres will present one of its latest developments for the first time to a broad range of expert visitors: The speciality fibre Danufil® QR is tailor-made for use in disinfectant wipes, an area where up until now viscose fibers — in spite of their excellent fluid handling properties — have not been able to establish a foothold. The reason: due to their negative charge, standard viscose fibers bind the so-called quats — quaternary ammonium compounds — widely used disinfectant substances that are positively charged, so that they are no longer available for their actual disinfectant purpose. Up to 80 percent of the effect can be lost this way. Now, the specialty fiber Danufil QR resolves the issue by reducing this undesired effect to less than 10 percent.

With Danufil QR Kelheim broadens its already multi-faceted range of products, particularly in wipes and hygiene applications. Another member of Kelheim’s hygiene product family is the flat specialty fiber VILOFT®, which, with the current release of the newest flushability guideline (GD 4) by INDA/EDANA becomes more important than ever. VILOFT short cut fibers enable the production of flushable wet wipes that disintegrate so rapidly in the sewage system that even the significantly stricter requirements of GD 4 can be safely met.

Of course, VILOFT — as well as all the other fibers from Kelheim — is made completely of cellulose and is therefore fully biodegradable in a short time, which meets another requirement of the guideline and makes an important contribution to environmental protection: only if we substitute synthetic substances by bio based materials, can we reduce the amount of plastic waste in our environment, and in our oceans in particular.
 Kelheim will also showcase its long-established specialty fiber Galaxy®, the world-leading viscose fiber for tampons and all end uses where high absorbency is required, as well as many other viscose specialties.
The team of Kelheim Fibres is looking forward to welcoming visitors at their booth #737, East Hall 1, Tokyo Big Sight.

Posted April 19, 2017

Source: Kelheim Fibres