MSYG Adds Wool, Wool-Blend Yarns To Portfolio

Valdese, N.C.-based Meridian Specialty Yarn Group (MSYG) has added wool and wool/polyester blend carpet yarns to its product line produced at its Ranlo, N.C., plant. MSYG is targeting the high end tufted and woven carpet and rug market with the yarns, and reports it is the only company in the United States making such carpet yarns.

The yarns are available in a variety of blends and colors featuring naturally colored wool, as well as a range of shades made using top-dyed wool. The new line boosts production at the Ranlo plant by 25 percent.

“By having a segregated unit set up solely for carpet yarn production, we believe we can fill a void left in the domestic market,” said Tim Manson, president, MSYG. “When coupled with the top dyeing and yarn printing capabilities at our Valdese wet processing facility, we are adding a new dimension to this product line with top dyed solid shades, blended heathers, marled yarns and other color effects.”

November/December 2016