Discover how DuPont™ Sorona® Fiber Looks Good, Feels Good and Does Good

SHANGHAI — October 11, 2016 — DuPont Industrial Biosciences hosts the DuPont Textile Collaboratory and will show how DuPont™ Sorona® fiber brings the latest fabric innovations and a new brand look, along with their selected pavilion mill partners. Customers can tour the DuPont Textile Collaboratory at the China International Trade Fair for Apparel, Fabrics and Accessories (Intertextile), Oct. 11-13, 2016, Stand number 5.2-E96.

DuPont Industrial Biosciences proudly hosts the Textile Collaboratory, which brings together leading fiber, fabric and insulation providers from across the Asia Pacific region. Leaders in their fields, they will demonstrate their ability to provide innovative solutions with Sorona® renewably sourced fiber, and provide value thoughout the textile value chain.

“We are happy to see that there are more pavilion members under the Sorona® umbrella this year. Our intent is to integrate upstream and downstream resources to better serve brand houses all over the world,” said Dennis Tsai, Sorona® Asia Pacific business director. “We are excited to see the growth in working together with partners along our whole value chain and look forward to creating even more success stories in the future.”

At the booth, key highlights for Sorona fiber this year will be a beautiful comfort stretch knitwear and woven collection that is spandex-free yet provides exceptional stretch and recovery even after repeated stretches and washes. Sorona fibers used for fabrics in T-shirt and hoodies also provide excellent softness and volume hand, are quick to dry and and resists fading for long-lasting, vibrant colors.

Insulation materials made with DuPont Sorona fiber also will be introduced as a revolutionary alternative to down and feather filling. The introduction of these insulation materials provide apparel designers and brands with a stable source of supply for staple fiber-fill and down-like insulation that is well-suited for elegant, lightweight, breathable garments while offering the same unique compression and recovery characteristics that customers need.

Besides the innovative products made with Sorona fiber, this year customers also will find a completely new and updated look for the Sorona  brand. Come Discover the Feeling to see how Sorona Looks Good, Feels Good and Does Good.

DuPont™ Sorona is a high-performance fiber made in part from annually renewable plant-based ingredients. It is used primarily in fiber applications, including textiles for apparel and home, office and automotive interiors, residential and commercial carpeting and automotive mats.

DuPont Industrial Biosciences works with customers across a wide range of industries to make products and industrial processes more efficient and sustainable. Through a unique combination of agriculture, biotechnology, chemistry and material science capabilities, we advance market-driven, biobased solutions to meet the needs of a growing population, while protecting our environment for future generations. For updates about how DuPont Industrial Biosciences is helping customers deliver cost-effective products with superior performance and sustainability.

Posted October 12, 2016

Source: DuPont Industrial Biosciences