Applied DNA Sciences Partners With Palmetto Synthetics And Techmer PM, Entering Synthetic Fibers For First Time, Expanding In Athletic Apparel And Automotive Textile Markets

STONY BROOK, N.Y. — June 7, 2016 — Applied DNA Sciences Inc. (ADNAS) — a provider of DNA-based supply chain, anti-counterfeiting, genotyping and anti-theft technology, and authentication technologies — has partnered with Palmetto Synthetics and Techmer PM to launch its SigNature® T DNA system in man-made fibers, and expand its presence in the athletic apparel industry and the automotive textile category.

Palmetto Synthetics’ fiber has many uses, but is best known in the apparel, automotive and industrial applications. Fibers are used in trunk liners and throughout the interior of cars in the visible surface materials. In addition, the fiber manufactured by Palmetto is also used in other polyester and nylon fabrics such as footwear, performance apparel, geotextiles fabrics for erosion control, roofing products and filtration media. Palmetto Synthetics’ fiber types include, but are not limited to: PET; PETG; PBT; PA6, 6; PLA; as well as a line of post consumer recycled fibers. Palmetto Synthetics also employs a wealth of additive and finish technology along with a wide range of cross-section availability for fiber customization.

“We have an eye to the future, and it has arrived with SigNature T DNA technology,” said David Poston, President, Palmetto Synthetics. “This sets a new industry standard in assuring quality and purity at the source. SigNature T DNA ensures traceability and transparency at every stage of the supply chain, with performance and strength delivered consistently. We are honored to be working with ADNAS and Techmer, and excited about the many benefits this partnership will bring to consumers and manufacturers.”

Recently, in Clinton, Tenn., unique SigNature T DNA molecular tags were attached to Techmer PM polyester formulations and supplied to Palmetto, who used them to manufacture polyester fiber. The Techmer PM formulation is a component of a system of solutions for fiber that includes colors and additives. These fibers were converted into synthetic fabrics for commercial and industrial applications. The initial stage tagged five million lbs. of PET fiber. The process will be scaled up to many millions of pounds over the next year.

SigNature T DNA solution now tags natural and man-made fibers at industrial scale, and maintains a secure chain of custody as the product moves from source (pellets in the case of synthetics) to fiber to product to consumer.

“We are proud to partner with Applied DNA Sciences and Palmetto to commercialize DNA marking and authentication within fiber applications,” said John Manuck, Founder and CEO, Techmer PM. “As a leader in materials design, we are constantly looking for opportunities to create innovations which benefit our customers and OEMs, and this partnership underscores that commitment.”

Techmer PM is a leading materials designer and works in partnership with plastics processors, OEMs, and designers to solve some of their most difficult business, manufacturing, and sustainability challenges. Techmer PM’s solutions modify the aesthetics as well as extend and maintain the physical properties of plastic and fiber products. In partnership with Applied DNA Sciences, Techmer PM can now integrate Signature T DNA into solutions for its customers to ensure integrity of the entire supply chain.

“We have been a change agent for the cotton fiber market, by bringing certainty to a complex supply chain. With our entry into synthetic fibers, Applied DNA Sciences is entering a market that is more than three-times larger than cotton, and is the basis of 60 percent of the global textile industry,” said Dr. James Hayward, president and CEO, ADNAS. “In just one DNA tagging campaign, companies can safeguard against product recalls and liability, and elevate their business, based on high integrity, quality, and sustainability to ensure the smallest possible environmental footprint.”

Posted June 7, 2016

Source: ADNAS