Cone Denim Purchases Additional Harvest Of US Grown Natural Indigo

GREENSBORO, N.C.— May 10, 2016 — Cone Denim® is pleased to announce it has purchased the most recently harvested crop of U.S.-grown natural indigo. Natural Indigo Selvage Denim was first introduced by Cone Denim in July 2015 when it partnered with Stony Creek Colors for the exclusive supply of natural indigo dye for denim fabrics. Produced exclusively at the historic White Oak mill in Greensboro, the Natural Indigo Collection has been expanded to include wide-width fabrics in both rigid and stretch. The expanded Collection will be featured at Kingpins New York May 11-12.

“Excitement continues to grow around our Natural Indigo denims,” says Kara Nicholas, Vice President Product Design + Marketing. “Response last year to the first selvage styles was tremendous leading us to expand the collection to include wide denims, and adding a new level of authenticity to contemporary denims. Smaller quantities of Natural Indigo denim are also available through the White Oak Shop online store.”

Cone Denim began scalable production of Natural Indigo denims last year for the first time in over 100 years. The partnership with Stony Creek Colors offers the pinnacle in authentic American denim bringing together the work of US farmers and heritage of White Oaks denim expertise. The supply agreement allows Cone Denim the exclusive rights to Stony Creek Colors’ US crop of natural grown indigo for the next several years.

“Stony Creek Colors continues to advance new technologies for dye crop production, benefiting US farmers while meeting requirements for scalable commercial production,” says Sarah Bellos, Founder and President of Stony Creek Colors. “Innovation in natural indigo goes beyond just developing new methods for extracting color from plants. We remain focused on advancing farming techniques that promote sustainability and efficiency both for the farmer and the mill. Our work of linking US farmers to new chemical markets while bringing renewable color sources to Cone Denim represents a promising development of viable business models across the indigo supply chain.”

Natural Indigo fabrics are now available in personalized quantities through the White Oak Shop which offers online purchasing of many of Cone Denim’s latest selvage and denim styles as well as tools and information to educate newer designers about the unique intricacies of working with authentic vintage denim.

Posted May 10, 2016

Source: Cone Denim®