IR-Reflecting Fiber Trials

Germany-based Kelheim Fibres continues to advance the development of its infrared (IR)-reflecting fibers. The company has conducted spinning trials during which mineral-based IR-reflecting particles in different concentrations were permanently incorporated into a viscose fiber’s core. According to Kelheim, testing indicates the fibers can effectively reflect sunlight and provide a cooling benefit. At the same time, the fiber can reflect thermal radiation emitted by the body back to the body to provide a warming sensation.

“Comfortable feel-good clothes and functional special clothing are just two obvious applications for our new IR fiber,” said Dr. Daniela Bauer, research & development, Kelheim Fibres. “The level of loading can be adapted according to the requirements of the final product, which provides high versatility. As a next step, the fiber will be tested for its effectiveness in various end-applications in cooperation with our partners.”

January/February 2016