RadiciGroup Certifies Its r-Radyarn®, r-Starlight® Yarns To UNI 11505

GANDINO, Italy — September 23, 2014 — RadiciGroup companies Noyfil SA and Noyfil SpA have chosen the highest level of transparency and clarity by adopting the UNI 11505:2013 standard for measuring and declaring the recycled material content of their r-Radyarn® and r‑Starlight® reduced environmental impact yarn made from post-consumer recycled polyester bottles. This standard refers to the recycled material content in man-made fibres.

Now that r-Radyarn and r-Starlight yarns are certified to UNI 11505, Noyfil SA and Noyfil SpA are in a position to provide more information with more detail on recyclate content. For each of the certified yarns, the companies will now indicate the exact percentage of recycled polymer together with the percentage of additives.

“The value added for our customers is the greater transparency in communication afforded by this certification process,” said Maurizio Vedovati, general manager of Noyfil SpA and sales manager of the RadiciGroup PET YARN Business Unit. “By disclosing the precise content of recycled materials, we are giving our customers all the data they need to calculate the exact composition of their own finished products and provide the end user with more information directly on the labels.”

“The growth trends for our r-Radyarn and r-Starlight product lines from 2012 to the present have been positive, and we are optimistic about the future,” Mr. Vedovati continued. “This new standard has contributed, and will continue to contribute, to decreasing the confusion on the market by increasing the credibility of products made from recycled materials.”

The UNI 11505 standard, which became effective as of September 2013, is concerned with yarn and man-made fibres manufactured with secondary raw materials obtained from the processing of recycled materials through a mechanical or chemical transformation process. More specifically, the standard sets out the characteristics to be disclosed in the manufacturer’s product declaration concerning recycled material content, as well as the information to be reported on product labels in addition to the product composition information required by law. The UNI standard also specifies the management and monitoring requirements an organization must meet in order to comply with said standard.

Posted September 23, 2014

Source: RadiciGroup