Outlast Debuts Spherix PCM Filling Material

Golden, Colo.-based Outlast Technologies LLC has introduced Spherix phase change material (PCM) temperature-regulating filling — a fiber ball/short cut fiber blend comprising 30-percent PCM short cut viscose fiber and 70-percent standard polyester balls. According to the company, the fiber balls contribute lightness, volume and loft to the filling, while the PCM viscose fibers contribute the temperature management function.

“We are working with a highly filled PCM viscose fiber,” said Martin Bentz, managing director of Germany-based Outlast Europe GmbH. “With 7 dtex the diameter of the viscose fiber is quite high, so we can reach approximately four times higher performance levels compared to our standard PCM viscose fiber.”

Outlast reports the new filling is soft and breathable, and is especially suitable for summer outerwear and quilted jackets, in which it provides comfortable, lightweight temperature regulation.

September/October 2014