Diolen® Safe Is Strengthening Partnerships In Hospitality And Contract

DEGGENDORF, Germany — September 24, 2014 — The DIOLEN® SAFE FR yarn program has been steadily expanded and refined during recent years in accordance with the wide-ranging customer requirements from different industry sectors. Various applications are in demand from exquisite furniture fabrics in contract and residential to knitted structures and seating solutions for home and commercial use, products for lighting and illumination, innovative mobility concepts from commercial vehicles to airline seats as well as highly reflective metallised flame retardant fabrics for sunshading systems and not least a variety of technical applications. DIOLEN SAFE FR yarns are used for canvas backings, tents and most recently in textile ducts and diffusers for air ventilation systems geared to heating and cooling. A consistent high quality level and flexible response to customers’ needs are the reasons for this ongoing market acceptance. Dipl.-Ing. Tim Huizenga, Head of Sales and Marketing FR Safety Yarns GmbH & Co. KG: “We intend to initiate a more personal dialogue with architects and interior designers to illustrate the benefits of opting for the trademark DIOLENSAFE. Of course it is not only our merit, but a common effort with the downstream links in the value chain too when textile surfaces are perfectly adapted to the respective application. This is for instance the case with 100% DIOLEN SAFE polyester fabric ducts for air conditioning components”. A recent partner of DIOLEN SAFE is Kienzler Textile Ventilation GmbH, a specialist in air conditioning components from fabric and foil for more than 30 years. Using textile and foil materials is increasingly becoming the standard in advanced industrial and service buildings. New architectural trends demand comfortable air conditioning combined with an appealing design. The draught-free and silent air distribution contributes significantly to a pleasant indoor climate. DIOLEN SAFE FR polyester yarns with their inherent flame retardant properties comply with the required safety standards in commercial premises and offices. Excellent stability and high durability of DIOLEN SAFE yarns make the textile hoses resistant to environmental influences and chemicals.

Daniel Kienzler, managing director Kienzler Textile Ventilation GmbH: “Our individual engineering of textile tubes requires an extreme flexibility and high quality of the materials used. We put great emphasis on a reliable and sustainable partner network and have opted for FR Safety Yarns, not least because their production facilities are also based in Germany. The constant strive for the qualitative lead is the driving force for our daily work. What really convinced us to use DIOLEN SAFE are features like crease resistance, no white breaks, seam slipping strength and no break lines in the fabric when folded – all features that are vital for our air ventilation components.”

DIOLEN SAFE recently established another successful partnership with the Austrian company Kobleder®, a leading solution provider when it comes to technical knits.

Kobleder is specialized in customized knit products for furniture, transport and protection.

In close cooperation with Swiss designer Christine Lüdeke an innovative chair lounger for active seating has been created and produced for Interstuhl. Diolen Safe confers the flame retardant properties and with its C2C identification is perfectly in line with the sustainability claim of this state-of-the-art seating concept. The most demanding requirements in terms of both ergonomics and seat kinematics have been satisfied.

Prof. Christine Lüdeke M.A, Zürich, Switzerland, runs a studio for industrial product design with a special focus on aircraft cabin interior and furniture. “Luxury means perfect ease and lightness and I always bear this simplicity in mind in my design work”, she comments. Based on the knowledge gained in aircraft seating developments, she created the Fit chair. “Seats in the airplane should be conceived to allow an active seating that follows your movements and helps to improve or encourage your blood circulation. This was my target, combined with this sense of lightness and a reduced material use, no unnecessary levers and hinges. It was interesting to experience how far we could take this idea. ” The knit material with its micro-climate properties captures the body weight and supports it in its various positions.” The sharp boundary-line between office environment and private space will increasingly be fading in the future, predicts Christine Lüdeke. “Work and interpersonal issues are equally important and we have to respect this trend in our work”.

DIOLEN SAFE is also used for Verosol’s innovative solar shading products. The globally operating Verosol Group offers a broad range of fabrics and functional products for home interiors, offices and the hospitality sector. Those products equally fulfill design aspects and functional requirements such as FR properties and thermal comfort. A huge impact have daylight control and energy efficiency. Peter Emmerink, project engineer, Verosol Fabrics B.V.: “With FR Safety Yarns and their variety of DIOLEN SAFE FR yarn qualities we have a reliable and efficient partner for our ambitious contract projects. DIOLEN SAFE yarns are produced in line with the Cradle to Cradle® guidelines and meet our commitment to quality, reliability and sustainability.” Conny Pasman, Manager Innovation & Business Development, Verosol Fabrics B.V. is constantly observing and tracking trends in interior design and building intelligence. As far as integrated solar shading systems are concerned she predicts a stronger demand in home automation in the upcoming years: ”We see a considerable rise in motorized blinds easy to operate via an installed app on your smartphone. This is equally the case for the residential and contract business. Solar panel powered systems that make a refurbishment easier. Consumers more and more estimate the benefits of internal sun shading concepts particularly the significant energy saving performance. Good internal sun shading and thermal balance can improve the well-being and comfort of people living and working in a room. No glare discomfort when watching TV or working with the computer. Architects as well as residential customers are always looking for a unique look. We are able to confer an individual design, company colour or CI to each blind.”

Wittek-Design-Weberei is partnering up with leading international hotel and contract furnishers, architects, furniture producers, textile editors and wholesalers. The company is committed to strict environmental criteria and respects the principles of sustainability and social responsibility. High standards are set for the choice of suppliers and partner companies. Specialized in inherently flame retardant fabrics for contract business they opted for DIOLEN SAFE yarns that show a minimal environmental footprint and are produced exclusively in Europe. Evelin Wittek, co-owner of Wittek-Design Weberei GmbH explains and justifies the successful partnership with DIOLEN SAFE: ”From the outset we felt a high level of consensus with regards to keeping the environmental footprint small. The Cradle to Cradle certification of the yarns is perfectly in line with our product and company philosophy. We strive to foster fair and open partnerships with our suppliers and attach major importance to the fact that the production facilities are based in Europe and are operating in compliance with state-of-the-art environmentally harmless technology.”

FR Safety Yarns distributes texturized and staple-fibre yarns with an unusually broad standard colour range. DIOLEN SAFE yarns are produced in line with the Cradle to Cradle guidelines, are extremely skin-friendly and free from heavy metals and halogens.

Posted September 26, 2014

Source: Diolen