Martex Fiber Acquires JBM Fibers Inc.

Martex Fiber Southern Corp. — a Spartanburg-based manufacturer of recycled industrial textile
products — has acquired JBM Fibers Inc. — a Brownsville, Texas-based manufacturer of reprocessed
textile waste and fiber by-products. The acquisition is expected to strengthen Martex Fiber’s
position in the textile recycling industry by allowing the company to expand into post-consumer
shoddy manufacturing, widen its product offerings and improve its access to recyclable raw

JBM Fibers operates a 55,000-square-foot manufacturing plant and has an additional
200,000-square-foot storage warehouse in Brownsville; and has a 45,000-square-foot facility in
Mexico for sorting, cleaning and pre-blending additional raw material.

“Our acquisition of JBM Fibers’ assets will expand our pre-consumer textile recycling
leadership position into the post-consumer segment,” said Rick Otero, CEO, Martex Fiber. “JBM’s
position is extremely complementary to our ‘No fiber left behind’ strategy, which diverts more than
130 million pounds of pre-consumer material each year from landfills, while also upgrading those
materials into wiping rags and remnants for paint and industrial cleaning, shoddy for insulation
and padding markets, and high quality recycled yarns for knitting and upholstery applications for
our global customer base. Martex Fiber’s Brownsville division will also open up markets and
geographies that we had not previously served.”

June 25, 2013