STF To Increase Nylon Manufacturing Capacity At Stoneville, N.C., Plant

Gastonia, N.C.-based Sans Technical Fibers LLC (STF) — a manufacturer of nylon 6,6 filament and
yarns, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of South Africa-based AECI Ltd. — will invest $10 million to
increase nylon manufacturing capacity at its Stoneville, N.C., plant by 8 million pounds annually.
STF will use the additional capacity — which represents an increase of approximately 45 percent and
is expected to come on line toward the end of 2013 — to grow its position in the automotive,
military and apparel markets in both industrial and textile applications.

“This expansion is the first stage of a strategic initiative to install equipment that gives
us world-class manufacturing economics,” said Zach Zacharias, president, STF. “Our long-term
sourcing partnership with Ascend Performance Materials Inc., a quality nylon 6,6 chip producer,
ensures that we are well positioned to thrive in a future competitive environment. The new
technology fits well into our existing infrastructure and has resulted in good investment metrics.
The new capabilities will allow STF to enter additional markets currently not served in both North
America and globally.”

The expansion follows STF’s investment of more than $2.8 million in 2009 to increase the
Stoneville plant’s capacity to 8,000 metric tons per year (see ”
Technical Fibers To Expand Stoneville, N.C., Plant
,”, Dec. 8, 2009

February 5, 2013