Verdezyne, UFS Team For Nylon 6,6 Fiber Production Using Biobased Adipic Acid

Verdezyne Inc. — a Carlsbad, Calif.-based producer of renewable chemicals — has formed a strategic
partnership with Bristol, Va.-based Universal Fiber Systems LLC (UFS) and its operating companies
Universal Fibers Inc. and Premiere Fibers Inc. under which Verdezyne will supply its biobased
adipic acid to UFS for use in production of nylon 6,6 fiber for certain specific application areas.
Verdezyne’s adipic acid is derived from nonfood-based vegetable oils using a cost-effective
engineered yeast-based fermentation process.

Universal Fibers, also based in Bristol, produces solution-dyed man-made filament-based fiber
for carpet, automotive and performance textile applications. Premiere Fibers, Ansonville, N.C.,
produces partially oriented yarn, fully drawn yarn, solution-dyed man-made fibers and other
specialty nylons and polyesters for industrial, military, apparel and other applications. The
specified applications covered by the agreement include areas — for example, solution-dyed nylon
6,6 commercial carpet yarn, performance apparel and military-grade parachutes — in which the two
companies currently occupy a significant market share.

“As leaders in sustainable fiber technology, we are extremely pleased to be partnered with
Universal Fiber Systems in commercializing Verdezyne’s biobased adipic acid for use in specialty
products such as carpet fiber and performance apparel yarns,” said Verdezyne President and CEO E.
William Radany, Ph.D. “Universal Fibers and Premiere Fibers have set themselves apart by creating
high-performance, innovative and sustainable products, and we are thrilled to be collaborating with
such outstanding companies.”

UFS CEO Marc Ammen, in noting his company’s commitment to sustainability both within a
cradle-to-cradle scenario and from the standpoint of saving petroleum resources and reducing the
company’s environmental impact, stated, “We believe that microorganisms can be the chemical
producers of the future, and we welcome this opportunity to work toward common objectives with
Verdezyne on our quest to achieve sustainability while employing any and all technologies.”

Radany said that UFS has successfully tested the biobased adipic acid in specific
applications, such as carpet. He anticipates Verdezyne will begin supplying material to Universal
and Premiere Fibers for commercial-scale production within the next 18 to 24 months. He added that
the company also would supply its adipic acid to other companies for other applications.

“There are numerous applications that don’t overlap with the specific ones reserved for UFS,
so we’ll be entering into other partnerships for those other applications,” he said.

December 18, 2012