The Campaign For Wool Launches In The USA With Support From Its Patron HRH The Prince Of Wales

NEW YORK CITY — September 28, 2012 — Manufacturers, retailers, designers and sheep farmers joined
together to launch The Campaign for Wool for the first time in the United States to revive the
nation’s understanding and interest in wool, increase consumer demand and educate consumers about
its natural benefits.

Convened by HRH The Prince of Wales, the Campaign for Wool commenced with Wool Week- a key
platform for wool retailers to host wool themed promotions and activity and encourage them to
support this highly successful initiative. 

Sheep were the talk of the nation as they were brought into the world’s most energetic city,
New York, to graze freely and play centre stage in a stunning installation called ‘WOOL UNCOVERED’
which transformed the famous Manhattan outdoor living space – Bryant Park into a woolen

The lawn became the sheep’s meadow for the day and the famous Fountain Terrace was turned in
to a luxurious Wool Salon with beautiful richly colored carpet and a stunning wool bed. There was
no water in the fountain – instead it spilt over with wool and yarn and the trees were adorned with
wool art. In addition, a series of talks were given by leaders in the fashion and interiors
industry including acclaimed interiors designer Steven Gambrel, Esquire’s Fashion Director Nick
Sullivan and Co-Founder of Timo Weiland Alan Eckstein.   

The Wool Book – a wool resource publication, will put the fiber on the shelf at leading
bookstores in New York during Wool Week and features an introduction by The Prince. During a
visit to Highgrove by American Campaign partners earlier in the year, Patron HRH The Prince of
Wales commented, “I am delighted by the success of the Campaign for Wool across the world and it is
wonderful to see the natural, sustainable benefits of this amazing fiber promoted in America at a
time when the environmental agenda is so vitally important to us all.”

Over 250 brands support The Campaign for Wool and in the USA – all leading wool carpet and
rug companies and upholstery manufacturers are backing the initiative with its symbolic Green Sheep

 Wool is known to be one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable fibers in
the world and it was this understanding coupled with the decline of the sheep population, that
stirred the Prince to take action in 2010 and unite the multi-sector industry with the common goal
of educating consumers about the many natural benefits of wool in products.

Posted on October 2, 2012

Source: The Campaign For Wool