Hyosung Debuts Creora® Highclo™, Mipan® Micro-Denier Nylon

South Korea-based Hyosung Corp., manufacturer of creora® spandex, has launched creora® highclo™
super-chlorine-resistant spandex/elastane for swimwear. According to the company, highclo offers
excellent compression and shaping qualities and retains its fit and shape after extended chlorine
exposure. Hyosung also reports it provides high quality, consistency, uniformity, knitting
efficiency and value. Partner mills producing creora highclo include Sofileta, France; Cherry Body,
Hong Kong; Hyunjin, Korea; Hungyen, Vietnam; and Huiyi, China.

Hyosung also has launched Mipan® microfine 20/34 and 30/68 micro-denier nylon suitable for
fine-gauge, super-lightweight, warp and circular knit intimate apparel fabrics.

September 7, 2010