Retech Introduces ABSR Separator Roll

Retech AG, Switzerland, reports its Air Bearing Separator Roll (ABSR) for the man-made fiber
industry operates at speeds of more than 28,000 revolutions per minute — equivalent to a winding
speed of 5,500 meters per minute — and uses 30-percent less air compared to standard separator
rolls. The roll, 58 millimeters (mm) in diameter and 228 mm in length, resists radial and axial
forces of up to 400 Newtons, making it suitable for ultra-high-tenacity yarn production such as
industrial yarns and bulk continuous filament yarns. The roll also generates a low breakaway
torque, making it suitable for micro- and nano-sized fiber production. Retech can customize the
roll with a variety of coatings and surface finishes.

January/February 2009