KoSa Restructures Textile Fibers Business

KoSa RestructuresTextile Fibers BusinessKoSa, Charlotte, N.C, has restructured its textile fibers business. Three distinct business segments have been created nonwovens, filament and fine-denier staple.Directed by Paul Latten, the nonwovens segment will join KoSas other specialty industrial fibers businesses in the technical fibers business group, which is led by Thomas Kehl, vice president and general manager.To create vertical integration benefits and leveraged sales opportunities for commodity and specialty polymers and filaments, the filament segment now reports to Thomas Fahnemann, vice president and general manager, intermediates and polymers and filament. Mario Fonseca manages the filament segment.The fine-denier staple segment, managed by Marco Espinosa, now reports to Carlos Sierra, business director, packaging resins and fine-denier staple.January 2002