DuPont Announces Kevlar Expansion Plans

DuPont, Wilmington, Del., recently completed the first phase of expansion projects to increase
global production of Kevlar® by 15 percent. DuPont has announced plans for further investment and
will expand its Kevlar® para-aramid fiber-production facility in Richmond, Va. Total investment is
estimated to be approximately $50 million.A new production line based on proprietary DuPont fiber
technology will be built at the site, increasing production capacity for Kevlar by the end of
2002.The Kevlar high-performance fiber market is seeing incredible growth as demand from our core
customers continues to increase and new product applications are developed, said Diane Gulyas, vice
president and general manager, DuPont Advanced Fiber Systems.DuPont is committed to the Kevlar
business as a key contributor to our sustainable growth mission, so we are taking every action we
can to meet the evolving need of our customers, Gulyas added.

September 2001