Engineered Fibers Opens Short-Fiber Cutting Facility

Engineered Fibers Technology (EFT), Shelton, Conn., recently opened a new manufacturing facility
devoted to the cutting of short fibers for engineering and technical applications.According to the
company, the cutting lines can produce short fibers in any length from 0.25 mm to 15 mm. The lines
are also capable of processing a wide range of fiber diameters from microdenier fibers to large
denier filaments.The EFT facility can cut a wide range of fibers including polyesters high-modulus
acrylics, lyocell, UHMWPE, carbon and other types of both existing and emerging
engineering/structural fibers.The company also announced that, while it has cutting capacity for
over one-half million pounds of fiber per year, it is especially interested in the toll processing
of fibers for specialty applications in smaller quantities or in specific fiber lengths that can
not be obtained from other toll cutters/fiber suppliers.

September 1999