Multi-Fil System Produces Melt-spun Nonwovens

The new MultiFil composite filament systems from JM Laboratories produce high-quality spun-bond,
meltblown, high-loft melt-blown or combination-output nonwoven fabrics.According to the company, a
MultiFIl system enhances in-house capabilities.Depending on the polymer set-up, users can shift
from one type of fiber to another in less than 30 minutes. The patented Quick-Change Spin Pack
changes out in minutes to increase efficiency, improve production continuity and reduce downtime
cost.According to the company, each beam can produce melt-blown, high-loft melt-blown, spun-bond,
fine-denier spun-bond, bi-component spun-bond or bi-component melt-blown.JM Laboratories is a
division of Nordson Corp. Circle 318.

May 1999