AlliedSignal To Expand Polyester Fiber Production

AlliedSignal Inc., Kaiping, China, announced it will expand production of its advanced generations
of dimensionally stable polyester (DSP®) fibers in Asia to meet an increasing demand for the
material in the regions automotive tire industry.According to the company, the emerging Asian
passenger car and light truck market for radial tires presents a long-term growth opportunity for
its DSP yarns, which are used as reinforcement materials in radial tires.The expansion will take
place at the companys Kaiping production facility, which is a joint venture between AlliedSignal
and China Kaiping Polyester Enterprise.The joint venture will include investments in
state-of-the-art production equipment to enable the facility to significantly increase its DSP
capacity and extend its production from standard polyester fibers to new generation IX30 and IX50
yarns possessing higher modulus and dimensional stability.

May 1999