Sensient Raises The Bar For Sublimation Ink Performance With ElvaJet® Punch™

MORGES, Switzerland — October 12, 2015 — Sensient Imaging Technologies S.A. has launched a new range of digital sublimation printing inks for high performance decoration of polyester fabrics. The new range is suitable for fashion apparel, sportswear and flag & banner applications.
The ElvaJet® Punch range of digital textile inkjet inks is designed to achieve the highest quality sublimation polyester fabric printing using both coated and uncoated transfer papers, delivering unsurpassed color vibrancy and printing performance. Sensient has designed a specific set, ElvaJet Punch EP, for use on all types of Epson-based systems, including both Epson DX- and Epson TFP-based printers.
“ElvaJet Punch delivers the ultimate sublimation printing performance for polyester textile decoration,” comments Dr Christophe Bulliard, Sensient’s Marketing Director, “offering our customers maximum color performance combined with industrial reliability.”

Bulliard comments further: “With the recent acquisition of Xennia Technology, Sensient has expanded its product range and increased its innovation scope and power. ElvaJet Punch is the first fruit of that innovation, and we expect to launch further new products over the coming months.
“In benchmark testing against other market inks ElvaJet Punch shows superior color vibrancy and gamut, enhanced transfer efficiency from a wide range of coated and uncoated sublimation papers and exceptional jetting performance. The ink is also ideal for direct printing onto fabrics, with no image bleed and good print-through. Such a combination of benefits makes a compelling case for switching to this premium ink.”
Posted Ocotober 13, 2015

Source: Sensient Imaging Technologies