Sawgrass Industrial Joins JK Group

Charleston, S.C.-based Sawgrass Group has sold Sawgrass Industrial — its industrial application sublimation and pigment inks division — to the Italy-based JK Group, which comprises Kiian Digital and J-Teck3. Sawgrass Industrial offers its portfolio of products, including SubliM and M-inks, mainly to customers in Europe and the Americas.

“Following the combination of Kiian Digital and J-Teck3 last year, the addition of Sawgrass Industrial takes the JK Group into a global leadership position in the digital sublimation sector and at the forefront of the textile pigment inks market development,” said Dennis Wilby, president, JK Group.

“Now that digital mass production is a reality for printing onto textiles, this is a perfect time to form a strong alliance to deliver on what was just a dream,” said Nathan Hale, CEO and founder, Sawgrass.

September/October 2015