Master Reports Sales In Bangladesh

MACHERIO, Italy — June 30, 2015 — Two among the most important denim manufacturers of Bangladesh have chosen the groundbreaking technology of Italy-based Master S.r.l. in Macherio for the continuous dyeing of warps. At the basis there is a synergistic aim necessary to reach their future targets in terms of both quantity and quality.

Shasha Denims Ltd., a company extremely concerned with the needs of environmentally sustainable development that are imperative today, is the first one in the Asian continent to add a new IndigoGenius® machine representing the top in dyeing technology to the other two slasher dyeing machines it owns at present.

The revolutionary dyeing technology with indigo and sulphur dyestuffs in inert environment of the Genius modules allows to obtain a better penetration and fixing to the yarn and therefore an increased colour yield as well as savings up to 80% about in caustic soda and sodium hydrosulfite combined to a considerable decrease in the consumption of washing water.

IndigoGenius combines to the above ecological, economic and quality advantages also a special flexibility of operation as it allows to carry out, besides the traditional dyeing, also unusual dyeing procedures to manufacture new and exclusive denim items with original, peculiar and unique features that cannot be obtained with traditional machines.

Shasha Denims by adopting the new dyeing system IndigoGenius, with exclusive rights for two years in Bangladesh, paves the way to environmental sustainability and has deservingly positioned itself in the forefront for the production of new denim items always inspired to tradition even though projected into the future we all hope to be increasingly “eco-friendly” and “green”.

Mahmud Denims Ltd., being more traditional, instead decided to add a new machine for rope dyeing mod. IndigoRope® (pat.) to the machine it already had. This new machine isn’t only the logical development of the traditional ones but it is mainly the result of special changes, significant technological innovations and solutions that have made it more ergonomic and rational.

It is the most evolute and technologically advanced machine of this category being at the same time easy to operate, rational and reliable. IndigoRope is a machine which combines tradition and innovation, which assures dyeings of high quality, that are reproducibles and economical. It is also pleasant to remark that both machines are equipped with special removable fumes and odor extractor fans to safeguard the health of the operators and the hygiene of the workplace.

Posted July 7, 2015

Source: Master