TANATEX Chemicals launches flame retardant for polyester

EDE, The Netherlands — March 26th 2015 — TANATEX Chemicals, one of the world’s leading producers of innovative textile processing solutions, launches Express FR; a flame retardant concept for PES.

There’s No Smoke Without A Fire
Ensuring flame retardant properties to PES is difficult, time-consuming and involves several processing steps to fulfil the requirements. In many cases the necessary special property is added during a finishing process after the actual dyeing process. This process cannot always be executed in house for different reasons, therefore it is often executed by a third party.

Get In Control
TANATEX Chemicals developed the Express FR Concept. When implementing Express FR you can simply add the special flame retardant product in the dyebath, no additional finishing process is necessary, hence reduction of water, energy and time. Express FR makes the development of flame retardant articles easier, giving you more flexibility and finally putting you in control.

The main component of the concept is FLAMEGARD PX, a novel product, especially designed for polyester treatments in exhaust to obtain the so often requested flame retardant properties. TANASPERSE® OLG-PX, a special emulsifying/dispersing product, is incorporated for optimal distribution.

Posted Mach 31, 2015

Source: Tanatex