Fibertec Introduces FIBERTEC® GreenGuard RT PFC-free Waterproofing Product

MUNCHEN, Germany — March 18, 2015 — Germany-based Fibertec takes another giant leap forward in environmentally friendly DWR products for waterproof, breathable clothing: the new GreenGuard RT does not require heat activation. Selfactivating at room temperature, it therefore saves an energy intensive drying cycle. This is both practical and good for the environment. The unique patented PUR active ingredient is biodegradable (no PFCs).

Fibertec aims to have the most environmentally friendly cleaning, care and waterproofing products possible – including packaging, goods and application. With regard to the latter, Fibertec has achieved a distinct further development with GreenGuard RT. RT stands for “room temperature”, because room temperature is sufficient to activate this new DWR-product. It achieves a spray rating (i.e. how water repellent the material) of 85! It is no longer necessary to use a tumble dryer, hair dryer or iron on the clothing. Simultaneously practical and resource-efficient. Yet, quickly heating the garment in the tumble dryer or using an iron will ensure maximum performance from GreenGuard RT.

The new active ingredient used exclusively by Fibertec is environmentally friendly and not hazardous to health. This water-based, biodegradable product does not use perfluorocarbons (PFCs) but instead uses polyurethane dendrimers. Fibertec managing director Guido Augustiniak explains: “This innovation has given us an excellent alternative to fluorine-based DWR products. In comparison to the currently available GreenGuard, Green Guard RT offers an increased water repellent effect and a higher durability. Regular application greatly prolongs the performance and durability of waterproof, breathable clothing, while the product can be used with a clear conscience.”

GreenGuard RT is bluesign® approved and “Made in Germany” (product and packaging). It is suitable for all waterproof, breathable textiles and is available as Spray-On (500 ml trigger spray bottle without propellant) or Wash-In (250 ml bottle) at a recommended retail price of 14.95 euro. The spray-on is better suited to breathable clothing as the waterproofing is only applied externally. Conversely, the wash-in is easier to apply.

Posted March 24, 2015

Source: Fibertec