Santex Group, Solwa Cooperate

Solwa S.r.l., an innovative start-up that marks its third anniversary on January 12th, has opened its company’s capital to Santex Group, a leading company in the textile and composite materials machine manufacturing with operation sites in Italy, Switzerland, India and China.  

Stefano Gallucci, President of Santex Group, said: “Solwa has a large market ahead, because it solves our clients’ environmental problems thanks to a system able to dry waste sludge and reduce greenhouses gas emissions. The innovation of Drywa, one of Solwa’s systems to manage waste and pollutants, integrates Santex Group innovative machineries.” Mr. Gallucci continues: “When this technology was presented to us, the initiative was welcomed by the Group that immediately decided to invest and located it in our Italian site in Trissino (Vicenza), with Isotex Engineering and Sperotto Rimar”. The young start-up is also enthusiastic about the new adventure, as the CEO of Sowla, Dr. Paolo Franceschetti underlines “our technologies, which are based on the optimization of thermodynamic processes, needed a company able to guarantee their industrialization and sales, exporting this green technology all over the world. Santex Group has shown affinity not only with our objectives, but also with our innovation and developing strategies”.  

This synergy of tradition and innovation, experience and vivacity, organization and creativity represents a new forward-looking winning vision that emerges from the Italian territory. 

Solwa is known for its modules to treat polluted and salty water powered by solar energy. Solwa has developed intensive research on evaporation and optimization of fluid and thermodynamic processes, awarded by national and international institutions: the Gaetano Marzotto Prize, the “Innovation for Human Development” recognition of the United Nations, the “Enterprise Europe Award” final and the “Grands Prix de l’Innovation” participation, the MIT Boston Award as “Italian Innovation of the Year” to name a few. Solwa will attend the Expo Milano Universal Exposition at various booths.

Solwa has a rich commercial network in Italy and in developing countries. With Santex Group the next step is to open the Asian markets.

Posted February 10, 2015

Source: Santex Group