RevoLaze Expands Laser Technology Center

RevoLaze LLC, Westlake, Ohio, is expanding its Laser Technology Center with the installation of its newest Linear Processing machine, which offers 5,000 watts of laser power; and a new delivery system for finished garments. The center will enable RevoLaze and its customers to collaborate on product design and process improvements for denim apparel production.

RevoLaze has developed laser technology for denim applications for more than 20 years and holds 29 patents for laser scribing methods used in textile and denim processing.

“Our technologies help denim mills, denim laundries, denim manufacturers and apparel brands realize significant cost reductions, throughput enhancement and design flexibility,” said Darryl Costin, Ph.D., CEO, RevoLaze. He added that in addition to its reduced water and chemical usage, laser technology also replaces sandblasting and hand-sanding processes for finishing denim.

September/October 2014