Tonello Introduces Fully Automatic Kit Batik 2.0

Italy-based Tonello S.r.l. has introduced Kit Batik 2.0, a fully automatic version of its Kit Batik technology that is installed on Tonello washing and dyeing machines to create special effects on denim and ready-to-dye garments.
Kit Batik 2.0 may be used to create color and dyeing effects such as staining, tie-dyeing, fading with strong contrasts on the seams, Multicolor, Rain, Antarctic, Dirty and Ice; and also to apply eco-softeners, resins, soil-release, anti-stress, wrinkle-free and water- and oil-repellent finishes, among other products.
Tonello reports the technology is eco-friendly and uses 96-percent less water and 80-percent less chemicals than comparable garment finishing technologies.
May 6, 2014