Sustainability Through Innovation: Huntsman Textile Effects Launches AVITERA® Light Red SE For Pale Shades With Highest Light Fastness

Singapore — February 8, 2013 — Huntsman Textile Effects continues to make strides in the AVITERA®
SE range with the launch of the Light Red range.  The new bluish red polyreactive dyes now
feature a broad palette color spectrum in the pale shades with highest light fastness.

Continuing the success from its introductory launch in October 2010, AVITERA® SE is Huntsman
Textile Effects’ innovative flagship dye technology for exhaust application on cellulosic fibers
and is tailor-made to help businesses make real economic and environment

With dyeing and washing-off processes never exceeding 60°C, AVITERA® SE helps textile mills
increase production outputs and significantly reduce water and energy consumption and carbon
emissions by up to 50 percent. Using only five percent or less unfixed dye instead of the
conventional 15 to 30 percent, AVITERA® SE greatly reduces the number of rinsing baths required to
obtain fastness properties. 

Its high solubility also allows dyes to be applied at ultra-short ratios, ensuring much lower
processing costs. AVITERA® SE’s outstanding compatibility and low sensitivity to dyeing parameters
also gives excellent lab-to-bulk and bulk-to-bulk reproducibility, thereby minimizing reprocessing.

Huntsman Textile Effects is the global leader in developing total textile solutions across
all aspects of the textile chain and is committed as the global leader in developing sustainable,
high performing processing and effects chemicals that have low environmental impact with
significant reductions in energy and time.

Posted on February 19, 2013

Source: Huntsman Textile Effects