World Carpet Congress 2012: Fibre To Finish: The Holistic TANATEX Carpet Approach

EDE, The Netherlands — August 24, 2012 — The holistic approach of carpet processing by TANATEX
Chemicals has been completed last year by the introduction of the new Business Line Fibre. Now
TANATEX can offer high performance BCF spin finishes in addition to the existing Carpet Processing
Portfolio. TANATEX is well known from the TANAPRINT® thickeners for all kinds of Chromojet
applications, but additionally TANATEX produces a wide range of auxiliaries for all carpet dyeing
processes, carpet printing and finishing.

With the new fibre line TANATEX is now able to service the whole carpet industry. To produce
the required high quality of BCF yarns and to keep this constant high level, several parameters
play a role. Most important, without any question, is the machinery and the accurate setting of
equipment and parameters, secondly is the part played by the raw materials. One of those is the
spin finish, which has to control friction, antistatic, cohesion, wetting and much more. Many
parameters in the drawing, texturizing, heat set and further downstream processes have to be
considered in order to achieve the one and only target:absolute uniformity of yarns for absolute
carpet quality. TANATEX offers high performance spin finishes to obtain and maintain this quality.

Posted on September 25, 2012

Source: Tanatex Chemicals