Sanitized Upgrades TH 22-27 Antimicrobial Treatment

Sanitized AG, Switzerland, has upgraded its Sanitized® TH 22-27 treatment designed for use with
man-made-fiber and wool fabrics that are in direct contact with the skin and that may require high
durability to washing.

The zinc pyrithione-based treatment works by destabilizing the cell walls of odor-causing
bacteria and deactivating them. Sanitized notes that the active ingredient has been used for years
in cosmetic products and medication, and textiles treated with Sanitized TH 22-27 have been tested
using the human patch test and have demonstrated very good skin compatibility, with no potential
for skin irritation or sensitization.

In addition to providing antimicrobial benefits to apparel, the treatment can be adapted for
use on home, automotive and other textiles.

Sanitized TH 22-27 may be applied during dyeing using exhaust, dispersion, acidic or
metal-complex dyes; and also may be applied during PAD thermosol processes. The treatment has
received bluesign® and Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, class I-IV, certification, and Allergy UK

May/June 2012