Americhem Introduces Custom-Formulated, All-Inclusive Packages For Synthetic Turf

CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio — March 27, 2012 — Americhem Inc., a global provider of custom color and
additive solutions for synthetic fibers, is introducing nFinity™ masterbatches for synthetic turf,
a comprehensive line of custom-formulated products created to ensure long-term turf durability.

nFinity masterbatches are comprised of color masterbatches and additives, including UV
stabilizers, antioxidants, delusterants and antimicrobials. Specifically designed for the unique
demands of synthetic turf products, nFinity offers a combination of technologies for truer,
longer-lasting color, lot-to-lot consistency and high thermal stability. nFinity masterbatches have
undergone indoor and outdoor weathering testing for exceptional performance and also possess
excellent spinning performance for optimal processing.

“Because of the synthetic turf industry’s interest in reducing human impact on the
environment, Americhem created an all-inclusive package with a variety of turf solutions,” said
Larry Campbell, director of global turf and nonwoven technology for Americhem. “The elements
included provide customers with a low-maintenance product that withstands the elements for
long-term performance.”

Americhem provides a full range of custom and standard colors that offer superior
colorfastness with the assurance of lot-to-lot consistency. As a result of extensive color testing,
a wide range of greens and common logo colors are available in the nFinity product range.

To eliminate color fading, Americhem includes its leading UV stabilizing masterbatches in
every turf product. The UV stabilizers provide outstanding resistance to sunlight and product
consistency. Combined with color, antioxidant additives further benefit the resulting turf products
by preventing degradation during production as a result of oxidation.

For producers of synthetic turf, nFinity masterbatches improve production efficiencies due to
the ability to merge products from different lots in the same run. The technology results in
quicker turnaround time with optimal product quality. This enables producers to fully utilize
nFinity masterbatches, improving material handling and increasing throughputs.

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Posted on March 27, 2012

Source: Americhem Inc.