Datacolor Unveils Ahiba® QuickDose, 45G Spectrophotometer

Color management technology provider Datacolor Inc., Lawrenceville, N.J., has introduced two new
products: a dosing system for the Ahiba® Infrared lab dyeing machine; and a reference-grade
handheld spectrophotometer with integrated gloss measurement to evaluate color appearance of
certain product surfaces.

The Ahiba QuickDose system for adding liquids and powders to the dyebath in the Ahiba
Infrared lab dyeing machine — typically in exhaust dyeing processes that use reactive and acid dyes
— features three separate color-coded dosing capsules and enables all beakers to be actuated in
less than one minute using either liquids or powders. According to Datacolor, the 316L
stainless-steel, easy-to-clean system offers advantages including greater efficiency and safety
compared with manual dosing systems, greater precision compared with injection/syringe or powder
dosing systems, and reduced maintenance costs and time to complete the process.

“With the new Ahiba QuickDose, we replace time consuming and unsafe dosing operations with an
easy-to-use and efficient system,” said Jeff Fain, product manager, Datacolor, adding that the new
system enables improved reproducibility between lab dyeing and production dyeing processes.

The Datacolor 45G spectrophotometer with ergonomic design, color screen and Bluetooth
connectivity is used to evaluate painted surfaces, plastic parts, package prints, automotive parts,
commercial furniture and other manufactured goods. The company reports measurements made using the
device define the effect that base color, gloss and texture have on the overall visual appearance
of an object, enabling visual quality control of multiple components that may have different
textures and finishes, among other advantages. Other features include accurate measurement that
agrees from instrument to instrument; simultaneous measurement of gloss and color; 45/0 optical
geometry to associate with visual appearance; and easy-to-read display of Pass/Fail tolerances.

“With 45G, product manufacturers can precisely measure and control both color and gloss in a
single convenient package,” said Bob Karpowicz, product manager – instruments, Datacolor. “The
unique optical design and dynamic calibration algorithm used by 45G results in consistent
measurement over time and across multiple 45G units.”

February 7, 2012