Huntsman Textile Effects, CNTAC Team To Raise Standards In Chinese Textile Industry

Singapore-based textile chemicals and dyes supplier Huntsman Textile Effects (HTE) and the China
National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC) have formed a strategic alliance to offer total
textile solutions that will improve the Chinese textile industry’s economic and environmental

The strategy involves two primary initiatives aimed at improving mill productivity and
efficiencies, and elevating the country’s textile market performance to the highest standards.

First, HTE will offer China National Color System (CNCS) color solutions to brands and mills,
matching 900 shades that comply with Chinese performance standards, and using the company’s best
available technologies and Novacron dyes. This initiative will begin in early 2012.

Second, HTE and CNTAC will debut the Fabrics China Swing Tag cobranding program that will
promote a fabric’s or garment’s value-added properties such as easy care, sun protection, water and
oil repellency and colorfastness.

In addition, the partners will organize conferences, technical events and media presentations
to promote their initiatives.

“Besides setting a standard for the global textile markets to emulate, this move will
transform the China textile industry from a follower to become a world-class leader and innovator
for the global textile market,” said Sun Ruizhe, vice chairman, CNTAC, at an event celebrating the
signing of the agreement last month in Beijing. “This partnership will radically change the way we
operate, from focusing solely on production in the past to now looking into the entire value chain
starting from the initial product to end-consumer, to the intangibles involved in product
innovation and towards a more structured and orderly competitive environment for China.”

“HTE shares the same vision with CNTAC, in developing a world class textile hub in China and
to help Chinese textile industry increase their market influence in the global textile markets
through the use of better technology, innovation and the use of environmentally friendly dyes and
additives that will protect the health and well-being of our consumers,” said Rohit Aggarwal, vice
president, strategic marketing and planning, HTE.

Also present at the signing was Albert G.W. Fu, vice president, China Textile Information
Centre (CTIC).  CTIC owns the CNCSCOLOR® color system for fashion and CNCSColor color code

December 6, 2011